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The SwissAero Manufacturing Company

The Roots of SwissAero

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High performance and high quality have been part of the SwissAero family for generations.

What do these things have in common, a World War II scout plane, a nitro dragster, rifles, and a go-fast custom motorcycle?

They are all part of our company's history, and they all can kill you if the engineering, manufacturing, or assembly have errors. Because of our start doing renewal and custom parts for that type of high performance equipment, we learned early in our company to do things right and never take shortcuts because they can be fatal.

Another part of our history is that we also migrated to manufacturing from other industries. Our experience in other industries drove home the vast importance of up time, just in time part or material delivery, and having a total business overview for your business and also the customer's. Drilling wells in sub-zero drove home the vast importance of reliability and design for severe operating parameters.

Finally, another part of our company's history is our drag racing. When you push the release button, you learn quickly the difference between theoretical horsepower on paper and actual to the ground.

That lesson guides our company today. Our management team understands "Theory is nice, but what really works is what matters."

Capabilities of Our Firm

Capabilities of SwissAero-Inc.

Approaches and methodologies used actively within our organization.
     1. AS 9100 Quality System
     2. Principle of the single goal... a satisfied customer
     3. "Job to Be Done" as opposed to part myopia
     4. Complexity reduction
     5. World Class Service

Quality Assurance Technology of Note
     •TESA-SCAN 50 ( 50 x 275mm) measuring system with part rotation
     •Niton XL2 XRF nondestructive elemental analysis of alloy materials, titanium to nickel, tramp & trace element analysis via XRAY

Machines of Interest
     •(13) Tsugami Swiss Automatics
          • 12mm - 32mm capacity
     •(9)Mori Seiki CNC Lathes
          • Live tool Subspindle
          • Chuck work to Bar Fed Applications

     • 45,000 SQ FT facilty

Quality Assurance Technology of Note
tesa scan 50
( 50 x 275mm) measuring system with part rotation
niton xl2 xrf
XRF nondestructive elemental analysis of alloy materials, titanium to nickel, tramp & trace element analysis via XRAY

The Single Goal Principle

Our only goal is ... a satisfied customer.

No matter the organization, a not-for-profit, large corporation, or individual proprietorship, Peter Drucker, perhaps America's greatest business philosopher, stated that the most important thing in the organization is the customer. Nothing happens without a satisfied customer. None of our grand plans, operations, or strategies mean anything with having as the end result, a satisfied customer.

Of all the players, stakeholders, shareholders, employees, competitors, board members, loan officers, etc. the most important is the customer, and the most important goal is that of satisfying the customer.

Drucker stated failure comes not understanding that the only reason the organization exists is to produce a satisfied customer.

Any organization, without that simple defining goal of a satisfied customer, are easily distracted by noise and hype, and lose effectiveness throughout.

If a distracted organization does attract potential customers, very quickly the customer realizes the organization is not for them.

Applying Drucker's single goal concept to our manufacturing operations yields "We exist to meet the customer's needs better than anyone else."

This simple application of Drucker's idea makes decisions within our company very simple. We ask the very powerful question "How effectively does this alternative help us meet the end customer's needs?".

The logic, the correctness of this focus, can be seen by looking at what would happen if we did the opposite.

If what we do is not focused on meeting the end customer's needs, the customer soon senses the organization is not focused on him, and soon there are no sales, no profits, no community satisfactions as the end customer finds another more effective organization at meeting his needs.

Therefore, in a manufacturing operation, all our metrics available are noise unless they relate specifically to the goal of a satisfied customer. We try to judge every strategy, every operation, and sub-operation by the number of satisfied customers.

When we ask ourselves "How effectively does this alternative help us meet the end customer's needs?", it centers the conversation where it should be, on the single goal that matters.

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