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It Is Easy To Spec And Order With Us

Getting a Quote Fast

Text "Quote" to 814 460 4371 between the hours of 9:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday.

     •Our text handling system rejects all texts without "Quote" in the body.
     •To help us help you, please send a photo of the prints or part prototype. A picture is worth far more than a 1000 words.
     •If we are not talking with you fifteen minutes it is not going to happen on a timely basis. Our failure to respond means our "Fast Quote" specialist is traveling and cannot safely respond.
     •We can supply you with a fast quote for machined part and components within about a half hour. However, more complex sub-assemblies, assemblies and operations, by their nature, require more communication and more time. Click here to start the conversation about those more complex needs.

Making Your Job Easier

Here at SwissAero we want to make your job easier.

The core challenge for us is understanding what you need.

Once we understand your problem set, the likelihood of us being able to reach into our toolkit and supplying you with the best solutions for the money is very high.

We know, sometimes you just need a part turned out meeting quality, schedule, and cost requirements. Other times your needs, the job to be done, are not quite so clear cut.

We adapted the "Job to Be Done" Model (see and Harvard Business Review)to help you classify your needs for your business.
     1. Assess and develop approach.
     2. Gather materials, information, standards, inputs.
     3. Verify readiness for execution.
     4. Execute.
     5. Monitor execution.
     6. Upgrade approach, equipment, solution.
     7. Wrapup, cleanup, shutdown.
     8. Assess and improve.

At each stage of the "Job to be done" you may have a variety of outcomes desired or now occurring. We can help you identify and implement improvement opportunities for those outcomes. We can help drive the total job challenge.

As an example a small commercial airline wanted to get a quantity of a rare replacement fastener for the swing arm of seat lap desks. After a discussion of the current maintenance costs related to those swing arms, the customer realized the total cost would be lower if they replaced the swing arm at time of breakage with a newly adopted universal arm.

The Business Case for Working with SwissAero

Working as a buyer can be demanding in any organization, and one of the more frustrating challenges any buyer can have is building the business case for your internal team to use a new supplier.

To make it easy for you to layout the case for considering SwissAero, we designed our site to address the key questions your team might have. These topic areas always come up when we discuss suppliers, and so we organized our information so you can just print the pages.

     • Who are these guys?
     • What do they do?
     • What are their credentials?
     • What are their capabilities?
     • What industries and applications can they handle?
     • Do you have any pictures of what they make?

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